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Vivid Introspection

I used to think that I couldn’t wear color.

And dreams were the only truth I could see.

And your thoughts of me were my thoughts of me.

And my language was like that of a bee.

Older now,

My truth is in Color.

My soul is of Ardor.

And people are not as perfect as I envisioned them to be.

My legs dance in sync with the beat of my heart.

My soul is finally free.

And now I see that they are just colors.

Adorn and color every piece of Me!

Copyright © 2014, Jannah Bayyan, The Muslimah Speaks

From the poetry anthology, The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit. Vivid Introspection was written by Jannah Bayyan, a wife, mother, teacher, learner, writer, avid reader, doer, and dreamer. She tries to keep herself grounded by being a Muslimah.