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The Tear

I was sitting here alone, feeling the gentle glide of a tear …

push itself over the rim of my eye.

Then I found myself sitting … motionless …

absorbing how it felt slowly rolling down my cheek.

My head tilted left –

as I sat in a listless slouch –

the trail had nowhere to go,

but down the seam of my smile-less lips.

Reaching the end, it tripped down the side of my chin,

to land on my shoulder –

where it was absorbed by the soft cotton fabric of my nightgown.

And I remembered you.

Copyright © 2014, Aishah Schwartz, The Muslimah Speaks

From the poetry anthology, The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit. The Tear is written by Aishah Schwartz, an American Muslim revert to Islam since April 2002 and founder and director of the 2006-established Washington, D.C.-based Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA). She is also a retired litigation legal assistant, a career of nearly 20 years. Ms. Schwartz is a published freelance non-fiction writer and photojournalist whose aim is to counter misconceptions regarding the Islamic faith and members of the Muslim community. As a woman traveling in the Middle East, Ms. Schwartz’s role as a civil and human rights activist has focused on the rights of Muslim women and the plight of the Palestinian people affected by the Israeli imposed illegal embargo on Gaza. She has also reported on revolutions in the Middle East as a Demotix photojournalist 2011–2013.