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The Muslimah Speaks Poetry Anthology

Today’s Words of Light post is a poem written by Sameerah El-Siraaj, Spoken Word Poetry Artist, Author, and Motivational Speaker. The Rough In The Diamonds is featured  along with more of her poetry within the interfaith poetry collection, The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit.

In her own words:

This poem is about religious or Godly women the world over. Be she Muslim, Christian, or Jew. Women who seek to cover modestly and live their lives modestly, according to the laws that God has sent down; women who don’t pattern their lives after the media or the ideologies of non-religious people. Her purpose and aim is to please God and only Him.


The Rough In The Diamonds

Do not say that we are the diamonds in the rough.

We are the rough in the diamonds, because we do not seek to glitter.

We would rather stay in our natural state.

In the Earth, undisturbed, and untainted.

Unnoticed, because being noticed is what gets us into trouble.

If we choose to shine, we will do so naturally, of our own accord.

We will let the rain fall on our souls and wash the crust and dirt away.

We will let the hands of God shape us into the jewels He wants us to be.

Man will not cleanse us, and cut us, and place us on the display rack for all to see.

If it is done that way, it will be done against our will.

And we will not shine as brightly or as beautifully as we should.

And the world who will own us will not get the full benefit of our nature.

And we will be strong, like a diamond should.

And we will do our best, though we will be suffering.

But so, like the man-cut diamond, our glitter will be cold and frosty-looking.

Instead of radiant, and bursting with the lights of Heaven.

Do not say that we are the diamonds in the rough.

We ARE the rough in the diamonds.


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