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It was a warm Saturday afternoon when Zaynab and Zakiyyah asked for their mom’s permission to go outside to play with their friends from the neighborhood.

“Don’t go out of the front yard.  Stay where I can see you,” their mother answered.

The girls rushed outside and were greeted by their friends, Adam, Kelly and Yasu. The five of them played a game of hopscotch and tag together until they were hot and all tuckered out.FIN PIX 2

“Children, come and get a popsicle!” Zaynab and Zakiyyah’s mother called from the front door.

The children chose their favorite color popsicles with looks of excitement. “Thank you Mrs. Saleem,” Kelly, Adam and Yasu said with gratitude.

“Thanks, mom,” Zaynab and Zakiyyah responded happily as all of the children sat down upon the front porch to enjoy their special treat.

“Wow, look at our tongues. They’re different colors,” Zakiyyah observed.

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You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful!