The Elementals

the-elementals-bannerThe Elementals is a work of Spiritual Science Fiction that I’ve been writing for several years. Science Fiction has been a favorite genre of literature for me since high school and I must admit that my dad sowed the seeds of appreciation from my childhood by introducing my brother and I to Star Wars, Dune, and the dozens of Marvel and DC Comics characters that exist. Upon discovering the Matrix movies, I decided that I wanted to see a sci-fi story with a female heroine, but not just any female heroine: a female heroine with a faith-based perspective.

The story has evolved and been transformed since it’s inception and I have yet to complete the entire work, but book one is almost done. Inshaa’Allah (God-willing), it’s my intention that The Elementals will culminate in five volumes but as of now, book one and two have been completed and are being revised while I simultaneously work on book three. I’ve created this page for posting excerpts and I hope that you will leave your comments and advice (gently of course – over-sensitive writer here 🙂 ).

Book one, Discovery of the Cipher Key, introduces Safiya Al Akhad, an inhabitant of a blue planet similar to Earth in natural resources and located in another galaxy. The story begins over a hundred years after earthlings, having been forced to flee planet Earth before it was consumed by the Sun, discover and colonize the planet. Safiya and her family become victims of colonization by the earthlings, or off-worlders as they’re called, and she struggles in coping with personal loss while her tribe subjected to oppression and injustice.the-elementals

The main themes explore how we cope with grief and injustice without losing ourselves to the darker sides of the human spirit, but with a scientific emphasis upon nature and how we as organisms are not only made up of the same elements as the planet that we live on, but how maintaining balance and harmony with these elements are important for living a healthy life.

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15 thoughts on “The Elementals”

  1. Assalamu aleikum. When does the trilogy (Eseere-Sahyun-Sela) comes out 🙂 please?

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