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Author Umm Muhemmed is the writer of the A Quranic Odyssey Islamic chapter book series about brother and sister Ibrahim and Amna and their learning adventures with their mother Khadija.

aqoBook One, A Quranic Odyssey, Towards Juz ‘Amma, introduces us to the adorable duo, Ibrahim and Amna, as they embark upon their journey of Quranic memorization (hifdh) while book two, Ya Seen: a hifdh journey in America, continues a year later during the month of Ramadan as they work at memorizing Surah Ya Seen.

Umm Muhemmed is an American born development economist. Her entry into hifdh al Quran dates to 2010 under the tutelage of Hafidha Rayhaanah. It is an ongoing pursuit, together with her two children, and one which she seeks to share via the Quranic Odyssey Series with Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Her hope and prayer is that the story will be a vehicle of learning and peace for parents, children, and teachers as well.

More information may be found at aquraanicodyssey.wordpress.com and both books are available for purchase on Amazon.comyaseen