From Mindworks Author Umm Muhemmed:

A Quranic Odyssey

Last month, A Quranic Odyssey was relaunched. The text was updated and embellished and illustrations were added. Umm Muhemmed collaborated in this endeavor with Houston-based Mindworks Publishing and Canadian-based illustrator Azra Momin. A story that started 6 years ago in Cape Town, South Africa continues….Watch this space for announcements about a children’s activity and the 3rd book in the series insha’Allah. Immediately below find the first chapter.

Chapter 1: The Opening

Setting: Early October 2010, new school, Houston, early morning
Characters: Ms. Suzy, Ibrahim, Khadija, Amna

“What’s your name?” I hear the teacher ask.

It’s a new day, in a new place, and a very new teacher for all of us. The question, however, is a familiar one.

My son, who keeps reminding me that he will be five and a half in a matter of weeks, responds, “My name is . . . Ibrahim . . . well…

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