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People are converting to Islam and re-discovering the religion of Islam everyday – give the gift of reading with Everyday Islam: An Easy And Peaceful Way Of Life to the loved ones in your life. Written by Shumaysa Amatul Hadi Faruqi, a student of Al Quran and a qualified Special Educator and Psychologist with a Master’s degree from Jamia Millia Islamia, Everyday Islam is filled with basic guidance and duas for implementing Islam into our lives daily.

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Here’s an excerpt from the chapter about the propagation of Islam.

Propagation of Islam

There’s no wondering about how the propagation of Islam can be something of a routine nature. Yes, it can be. We are Muslims and we practice Islam in our lives. We go about doing our work at many places and as a result we meet many people.

The first group of people we come in contact with is none other than our family. Propagating Islam is not just for the non-Muslims but it starts right from the home. It starts from within our own selves first. We should discipline ourselves as good Muslims and train ourselves into making our habits those of a good Muslim stronger each day by doing them religiously. We can make it a habit to pray on time which is the most liked deed by Allah (SWT).

We can show our children how to be kind to parents by being kind to our parents first. Children learn what they see. No amount of lectures can work like the effect of a silent deed done to show what you believe in. Reciting the Quran and trying to understand it at home can also instill the same thing in the other members.

Starting from home, we can also propagate Islam to our non-Muslim neighbors by being kind and pleasant to them. We should make them feel that we are always there to help if ever they need us. Good manners and kindness have urged many non-Muslims to understand more about the otherwise distorted image of Muslims and Islam as a whole. Many non-Muslims have shown interest in learning the religion of Islam after witnessing the way a child looks after his parents, or a husband protecting a wife, or by noticing how disciplined the Muslims are in terms of their prayers, charity and cleanliness.

Propagation of our deen can be done in a structured and planned out manner as well. We should be equipped with enough knowledge of our deen to answer the doubts that come up in the minds of those seeking the truth. Pamphlets can be distributed and books can be written, and today’s advanced era of electronic media can be utilized for this noble cause to reach people far and wide. Surah Al Muminun 73declares:

And indeed, you invite them to a straight path.

While calling others to our Faith we should not be rude and we must never belittle their belief system. We just need to reach out to them and present the teachings of Islam in a pleasant manner and leave them to ponder over it themselves. It is indeed not upon us to bring anyone to the straight path. It is Allah (SWT) who guides.

Surah Yunus 25 states:

And Allah invites to the Home of Peace and guides whom He wills to a straight path

Everyday Islam: An Easy And Peaceful Way Of Life

Everyday Islam: An Easy And Peaceful Way Of Life