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AQOBannerA Quranic Odyssey, Towards Juz ‘Amma is officially live and has been republished by Mindworks Publishing. Although this is the second Islamic chapter book published by Mindworks, it is acutally the prequel to Ya Seen: a hifdh journey in America.

This story is the first installment of the Quranic Odyssey Series written by author Umm Muhemmed and reveals how the narrative began. In this volume, Ibrahim and Amna, age five and two, embark on their journey of hifdh (Quranic memorization) with their parents, Khadija and Abdurrahman. As illustrated in the sequel, A Quranic Odyssey, Towards Juz ‘Amma emphasizes love for the Quran in a thoughtful manner and brings the learning and understanding tfinalcoverfronto life in the most unexpected ways. We learn about courage and patience, among other things, as we get to know this young family while experiencing the “living” aspects of the Quran.

I was a fan of this book, and of the author, well before agreeing to re-publish the manuscript and I am thankful to have been a part of keeping this work available following the shuttering of Greebird Books, the original publisher.

Here’s what some have had to say about A Quranic Odyssey, Towards, Juz ‘Amma:

“A wonderful inspiration! Umm Muhemmed reminds one of the ultimate reason for studying Quran: to understand and reflect on the message. Her narrations are reflections of how Islam should be taught, not moments of forcing religious texts, but rather seeing opportunities and taking lessons from the Quran and Sunnah.” –  Umm Aasiyah Muhammad, author of A Muslim Princess

“An intimate and eloquent portrait of one mother’s journey to instruct her children in the basis of Islam. This lovely book reminds us of the importance of giving our children a spiritual berth, while nurturing their adventurous, naturally inquisitive spirits. With humor, grace, and insight, Umm Muhemmed shows how our children have as much (if not more) to teach us than we have to teach them.” – Jerusha O. Conner Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education, Villanova University

A Quranic Odyssey, Towards Juz ‘Amma is available for purchase on the Mindworks Publishing website here and on Amazon.com (domestically and internationally, as well as in Kindle format) website here.

You can also purchase the sequel, book two of the Quranic Odyssey series, Ya Seen: a hifdh journey in America at the links below.YaSeenCvrF

Mindworks website

Amazon website