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QSVSisShebabannerWomen of Distinction Magazine has recently featured entrepreneur and Muslimah Writers Alliance member Sister Queen Sheba Cisse within their February edition. The magazine is dedicated to providing a platform where women can share their stories of success and inspire the new generation of professional women with the goal to highlight women’s achievements while giving others the opportunity to connect.

Queen Sheba Village Inc. (QSV) has been providing humanitarian resources to women and children in the Senegalese and West African community since 2005. Sister Sheba Cisse founded QSV, an online fashion boutique offering African textiles and clothing, Arabian fragrances for the body and senses, and crafted accessories from Africa, after a lifelong interest in fashion. In addition to providing clothing and accessories, the QSV fashion boutique raises funds for a micro-credit loan program to assist Senegalese women in the development of sustainable village based businesses that support their families.



Sister Cisse and QSV are out in the community sowing the seeds of good deeds for the benefit of the ummah while providing clothing that is both beautiful and modest. QSV offers a wide assortment of exquisite African garments and products collected on visits and buying trips throughout the African Motherland while offering social services to communities in need. Over the past several years QSV has distributed collections of clothing and supplies for personal, financial and medical use to villagers throughout Senegal, including the organization of a Women’s Health and Hygiene Program designed for improving the health of women and for empowering women towards gender equality.

You can read the full Women of Distinction article online here. For more information about Queen Sheba Village Inc. visit the QSV website.