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Layla Lights is a small start-up looking to do big things by way of empowering young ladies through educating them about the lives of the great women who came before us and through actively engaging young women in the deen. They will be relaunching their organization and website in a couple of weeks – inshaa’Allah the official date is January 21st – and they are seeking support in reaching their goals.

Layla Lights was originally launched in January of 2015 but needed to take some time to refocus and rebuild. This time around they will be offering an online membership program for Muslimahs aged 8-12. Each month they will feature a new righteous woman and will use engaging activities such as crafts, projects, recipes, monthly challenges and short lessons to make sure that all participants get the most out of their membership. Furthermore, Layla Lights aims to be similarly beneficial for the mothers of our members, offering a section called Umme’s Lounge which will feature a forum and helpful resources.

To support their endeavors they are offering two levels of sponsorship:

Recommended by Layla; Basic –  $75/month: They have twenty openings for this sponsorship package – 10 geared toward members and 10 geared toward their Moms. Recommended by Layla is one of the features of the members-only area where the sponsor will have a small clickable image linking to their products/services for purchases, along with a one-paragraph description of the sponsor’s business on this page.

Recommended by Layla; Featured – $250/month: There are only ten openings for this sponsorship package – 5 geared toward members and 5 geared toward their Moms. Not only will sponsors have their product featured on the members-only Recommended by Layla page, sponsors will also be featured on the welcome page for Layla’s Hub or Umme’s Lounge. In addition, sponsors will be mentioned in the Layla Lights newsletter for the month and be mentioned on the Layla Lights blog at the end of the month for Sponsor Sunday (the last Sunday of the month).

Right now they have 50 young ladies who have been a part of the Layla Lights membership and close to 550 followers on Facebook. They also have nearly 200 Twitter followers and are looking forward to substantial growth this year. They are hoping to make partnerships with other businesses so that the memberships are not only beneficial to Layla Lights, but also of benefit to their partners.

You can find them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/laylalights

In addition, Layla Lights is affiliated with the soon-to-be-published children’s book, I Tell You I’m a Muslim.

For more about I Tell You I’m a Muslim you can find them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ITellYouImaMuslim/

And you can follow their blog here. Books are currently available for pre-order.