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A dear friend who is an ELA teacher at an Islamic school has voiced the need for Islamic centered books that can be used to teach reading and spelling in English to children and mashaa’Allah, when I saw the that Jamila Alqarnain and Karemah Alhark had designed a book series titled Islamic Phonics Readers I was pumped! Children at Islamic schools all over the country are learning how to read, write and spell in English, but are often learning these skills through images and narratives that do not reflect their religion or the cultures that they come from. This is why I’m so pumped! It’s exciting to see that there is now a series of readers that Muslim children can learn from and relate to personally, inshaa’Allah.
The books have yet to be published and funds are being raised towards that end at on Launchgood, the Muslim owned crowdfunding website for raising small amounts of money through a large number of people.

You can support their Launchgood campaign and help to get the series published by visiting the link provided here. They’re hoping to raise enough funds to complete the production and publication of the books by January 15th 2016.

Please support and tell others about this much needed book series! Inshaa’Allah! Jazak’Allahu khair!