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Ya Sin: a hifdh journey in America addresses the central question: if we memorize the Quran without changing our hearts then what is the point? Through the endearing family of Ibrahim, Amna, Khadijah and Abdurrahman, first introduced in Umm Muhemmed’s A Qur’aanic Odyssey: Towards Juz Amma, readers can once again get a glimpse of the practice of hifdh al Quran. This time, however, the children are learning amidst Ramadan and are embarking upon the memorization of Surah Ya Sin.

The story takes place over just 17 days during Ramadan and each chapter delves deeper into issues of Quran and life. The goal of the story is not to teach Surah Ya Sin per se, rather to show how learning the surah may unfold in a 21st century Western family, with many of the same challenges that we all face. Hifdh al Quran (namely memorizing and striving to preserve the Quran) is both foreground and background in the story.

If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, here is what some people are saying about it:

“Ya Sin, a hifdh journey in America is a touching, fictional take on the challenges faced by a Muslim family striving to adhere to the tenets of Islam. Umm Muhemmed brings her characters to life through endearing interactions familiar to many Muslim families. For families with young children learning Quran, this book’s approach can help simplify the daunting task of memorization through this narration of joyful, heartfelt encounters.”
Alana Raybon, teacher, co-author, Undivided–A Muslim Daughter, Her Christian Mother, Their Path to Peace

“I enjoyed reading this book. It gave me a wonderful insight into how designing a few simple routines in the home could significantly enhance the learning of both children and parents. These routines allow the family to develop the capability to memorise the Quran,  to understand the Quran,  and most importantly,  to live the values the Quran teaches.  It is heartening to see that when the family learns together, they develop a bond of love and understanding despite many cultural differences. I appreciate the opportunity to read and review this wonderful work. JazakAllah.”  -Hamieda Parker

“As a homeschooler who recently started unit studies, Ya Sin, a hifdh journey in America has opened my mind to how I

Islamic chapter book for children about memorizing Al Quran.

Islamic chapter book for children about memorizing Al Quran.

could use surahs from the Quran to explore: Allah’s names/characteristics, prophets and messengers, Allah’s creations from plants, animals to the solar system, mathematics in the way of time, cycles and even patterns and of course metaphors and parables.” -Carimah Fataar, homeschooler

“I think that this book will appeal to people of all ages: children, parents, and teachers. It encourages memorization of Quran by showing you others have overcome the obstacles.”
-Safiyya, age 12, hafidha

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