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AboutYaSinYa Sin: a hifdh journey in America picks up largely where A Qur’aanic Odyssey: Towards Juz ‘Amma left off and once again we meet familiar characters Ibrahim, Amna, Khadija, Abdurrahman, Nani and Nonna, as well as other names and faces.

Ibrahim and Amna have aged, slightly, now 6 and 3, and have recently moved into a new home. Their Ammi (aka Khadija), originally from Karachi, Pakistan, continues to narrate the story, alternately leading and following in the children’s adventures. She has resumed some of her professional work, albeit from home, but still appears to devote most of her time to shepherding the children through their Quranic study as well as focusing on her own hifdh (Quranic memorization/preservation), under the guidance of Hafidha Rabia, who hails from Jakarta.

The story takes place over just 17 days, during Ramadan, and each chapter delves deeper into issues of Quran and life. The goal of the story is not to teach Surah Ya Sin per se, rather to show how learning the surah may unfold in a 21st century Western family, with many of the same challenges that we all face.

Ya Sin: a hifdh journey in America is for all who are interested, including parents who are helping to coach their children in learning and memorizing Quran or more general Quranic study. The author also hopes to reach out to non-Muslims (especially any who may be linked to cross-cultural families), trying to navigate and understand some of the intricacies of the ‘culture’ of Islam, especially with regard to the Quran. In addition, the text may be used in a classroom environment by teachers of any faith or conviction who seek to present Islam, and more specifically the Quran, in a positive ‘real life’ ‘Western’ environment. Through her storytelling, the author aspires to demonstrate that the ‘culture’ of the Quran and Islam may be complementary to the West.

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