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Hifdh al Quran is the act of memorizing and striving to preserve the Quran, the revelation delivered to the Prophet Muhemmed, may peace be upon him, over 1400 years ago. There is no age limit upon who can learn, and although some students formally go through hifdh schooling for years to be able to recite taraweeh, all of us can make the effort and embark upon our own hifdh journeys as we strive to live Islam every day.

The new release from Mindworks Publishing by author Umm Muhemmed, Ya Sin: a hifdh journey in America, utilizes hifdh al Quran as both foreground and background in the story. Most of the characters are actively trying to learn and commit the text of Al Quran to memory, but perhaps more importantly they are attempting to live the Quranin a purposeful way, following the sunnah of Prophet Muhemmed, peace be upon him.  Ya Sin: a hifdh journey in America

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