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Read an excerpt from You Are Beautiful by Author Robyn Abdusamad :

“God created a rainbow of people and He loves all of us equally.”

As the children continued their talk on the porch, Grandma Ernestine, an elderly lady from the neighborhood who was often peeping out of her window to keep an eye on the children, decided to join them.

“My beautiful children, I have enjoyed listening to your conversation. You are so wise at such young ages,” she said.

“There is a history of African-American people having been treated unfairly in this society, and this continues today, but African American people are beautiful just like people of any other race.”

Grandma Ernestine continued, “African-American people have a very rich heritage. Some of our ancestors were kings and queens.”

Yasu eagerly stated, “Yes, like King Mansa Musa and Queen Amina.”

“Yes,” Grandma Ernestine replied and nodded. “African Americans have also made major contributions to this society.”

Kelly politely interrupted to insert, “Like the creation of refrigeration systems, traffic lights, clocks and many other household appliances.” pg 13_11_28

“Yes,” Grandma Ernestine chuckled in agreement.

“I think the important thing is to embrace who you are and to get to know and understand others too,” Yasu declared.

“That is it,” Grandma Ernestine replied as she left the children to go for a walk.

“You know what would be cool?” Adam suggested as the others listened with anticipation. “We should have a family dinner with all of our families together.”

“That would be awesome! And we could take turns hosting it,” Kelly said with enthusiasm. “That would be a great way for our families to get to know one another!”

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You Are Beautiful!

You Are Beautiful!