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Ya Sin: a hifdh journey in America

Looking for an uplifting and enlightening  chapter book to read with your children? Join the beloved characters of Ibrahim and Amna on their hifdh journey towards memorizing Al Qur’an and introduce your child to this engaging story about faith in action.

One of the characters of this uplifting story, Uncle Abdullah, or Abdullah Mamoo, poses the question: If we memorize the Quran without changing our hearts then what is the point?

Ya Sin: a hifdh journey in America addresses this central question through an endearing family, first introduced in Umm Muhemmed’s A Qur’aanic Odyssey: Towards Juz Amma. Once again, we meet familiar characters, including Ibrahim, Amna, Khadija, and Abdurrahman. This time, however, it is amidst Ramadan and the memorization of Surah Ya Sin.

The goal of the story is not to teach Surah Ya Sin but instead to show how learning the surah may unfold in a 21st century Western family with many of the same challenges that we all face. Hifdh al Quran (namely memorizing and striving to preserve the Quran) is both foreground and background in the story.

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Ya Sin: a hifdh journey in America

About The Author

Umm Muhemmed is an American born development economist, specializing in the electricity sector, who commenced her own hifdh journey in 2010. It is an ongoing pursuit, together with her two children, and one which she seeks to share via A Qur’aanic Odyssey: Towards Juz ‘Amma and now Ya Sin: a hifdh journey in America, with Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Prior to her reversion to Islam in 2003, she began studying Arabic as part of a life-long quest to understand the connection between the religious and the secular. She has also done extensive studies in comparative religion, including Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism. Her hope and prayer is that the story will be a vehicle of learning and peace for parents and children, and the teachers who read it as well.