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No Fear

Islam is mine

Just as much as it is his

So why are you surprised when you see me dressed this way – with a smile upon my face and serenity in my heart?

Islam is for believing men and women

For truthful men and women

For men and women who give in charity

For men and women who remain steadfast

There is more than enough room in this vast creation for me

Allah Ta’aala loves me too

So when the infant child buried alive is questioned

Will she know that she is loved?

That there is a place for her?

What can a Wali do for me if he is not a good shepherd?

Bring back our girls!

Give us back our girls!

If you cannot

Will not

Love them

Then leave them to me

Leave them to us

Give them to us

And do not try to rob us of our inheritance

Do not be so afraid

For upon those who believe

And work righteous deeds

There shall be no fear

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A collection of poetry exploring the importance of self reflection, faith, and the creation and sustenance of positive, meaningful relationships.