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Live Today

Some say:

live today like it’s your last

I say – live each day like it’s your first-

like you’ve been born again-

been given a second chance to do things right

to serve God and others as you should have yesterday

Tomorrow is not promised

Yesterday is gone

but today

right now

in this moment

you’re alive

you are . . .

This world may have scarred you

and there may be enemies lurking around the next corner

but right now

right here

you can live life gratefully


with generosity of spirit and joy

even if your cup is half full

I remind myself to be encouraged

And to encourage others

because life is not yet over

and begins new every day

with each breath we take

and with every beat of our hearts

The time is now

Copyright © 2015 by Mindworks Publishing, from Luminous



For Your Own Reflection: How are you feeling today? What do you want for tomorrow?