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LullabiesMindworks Publishing has had the pleasure of working with mother, author, blogger, poet, and rainbow-lover Elizabeth Lymer once again, and this time to produce a soothing collection of nursery rhymes!

Muslim Lullabies is our first audio CD and contains lyrics which gently impart themes about night and sleep from the Qur’an, and teach routine bedtime practices from the Sunnah. The collection is an excellent resource for Muslim children’s bedtimes from birth up to about eight years old, alhamdulillah. We are also offering a Muslim Lullabies companion Sing-A-Long booklet which contains all of the lyrics to each of the rhymes.

In addition, Muslim Lullabies is dedicated to Maria Zain, a mother, writer, and childbirth educator, who returned to Allah in 2014. She loved ‘Hush Now Habibity’ masha’Allah, and you can listen to the lyrical rendition on the Mindworks YouTube Channel, as well as others. Please remember Sister Maria and her family in your du’as.

You can also donate funds that will support her husband to raise their children insha’Allah via http://www.gofundme.com/mariazain.

The Muslim Lullabies CD and Sing-A-Long Booklet are available from Mindworks Publishing at http://www.mindworksbooks.com and on Amazon, Amazon U.K.

Peace and blessings to you and yours!

Lyrics To Hush Now Habibty
(To the tune of Rock-a-bye, Baby)
Hush now habibty, let yourself rest,
Snug in du’as that you will be blessed,
Guarded from evil of the dark hours,
By Allah’s protection and perfect power.
© Elizabeth Lymer 2014

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