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TMSPoetryBintProductiveFrom The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit poetry anthology:

Liberated Or Oppressed was written by Bint Productive, a student of knowledge that is passionate about Islamic Productivity. Her vision is to create a world of change-initiating and productive Muslimahs who change themselves first and then change others by positively influencing them through their actions. She works as the Social Media & Marketing Coordinator for the ProductiveMuslimah Project at Productive Muslim Ltd. Bint Productive is also the administrator of The Productive Muslimah Visionaries which started in Ramadaan, 2013. She memorized the whole Qur’an in her youth.

Liberated Or Oppressed

You think she is oppressed?

In reality, she is liberated!

Liberated in the feminine world, more than anyone else

As she obeys only her Creator and not anyone else

She is free from all shackles or obstacles

And away from all the evils of society, faced by all women unlike her in their worldly struggles

Nay! She isn’t a slave of any man or any desires

Rather, she is a true slave of her Creator, getting protection against all evil nasty men and desires

A Muslimah, free and protected from all evil

If you know her true value, crave to become her and you can

She is dignified

Even though you may see her as oppressed

By looking at all the clothes she is wrapped up in

But, does only appearance matter for you to fit “in”?

Agreed, appearance does matter to put forward a good impression

But what about the real stuff inside, shouldn’t that actually matter for the required qualification?

A Muslimah is free; her voice is heard even behind her veil,

Even if, her body she does not reveal

To strange men,

By obeying her Creator

Thus, she is respected by real men who obey their Creator

Allah has protected and raised her so much that when she is a mother, even paradise is under her feet

Isn’t that, from her Creator, for her obedience, an extremely gratifying treat?

As she is respected and her voice is heard,

She is given every role – to develop and to proceed with humanity – especially for her preserved!

She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife and if she wishes, she can even be a financial administrator,

Following the example of her role model, successful businesswomen Khadijah, Allah be pleased with her

Or she can endeavor in the quest for knowledge like ’A’ishah, Allah be pleased with her

If you go to study Islamic history,

You will find many great women, whose success isn’t a mystery

Indeed they all are productive Muslim women

Dignified, protected, preserved and respected more than any other women,

Indeed they are like pearls inside seashells,

Protected and preserved!

Copyright © 2014, Bint Productive, The Muslimah Speaks


The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit has been published by Mindworks Publishing and is also available on Amazon and Amazon U.K.

An anthology collection featuring original poetry by Muslim women writers, this book is also accentuated by excerpts of the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and scriptures of the Quran and Bible. Too often than not, it is instilled in women from a very young age through the interactions that they have with others and by the images that they are bombarded with daily, that their voices are not as important as men’s. It is our intention to highlight the voices of Muslim women while showcasing the connection between them and the faithful women of the Abrahamic scriptures and among the female companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).