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We Endure

With the rising of the sun

And the coming of the night

Like memory, legacy and love

We endure

The earth keeps spinning

New beings are born

Elders pass away

Yellow, orange, red, and brown leaves fall from trees

Preparing for the change of season and the arrival of winter

And we endure

Through joy and pain

Fear and rage

Through soul aches that throb and pulse like drums of war

Because Allah does not give us more than we can bear

And with every difficulty there is relief

So lose not heart

Nor fall into despair

For we must attain mastery if we are true in faith

Keep the faith

Press on

Strive as in a race towards all that is good

Enjoy the good times gratefully

And when faced with adversity, show patience

For to Allah we belong

And to Allah is our return


This too shall pass



From the poetry collection, Luminous

Copyright © 2015 by Mindworks Publishing

Copyright © 2014 by Janette Grant