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Beloved Nabi’ (SAW) I Imagine What It’d Be Like To Look Into Your Eyes is featured in the poetry anthology The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit and has been written by Sa’diyya Nesar, a writer who was born and raised in Hong Kong but of Pakistani descent. She studied in an international English-medium school and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in English Studies at Hong Kong University. She currently is in the process of writing her autobiographical novel entitled The Fortunate One about living with physical disabilities after being diagnosed with non-specific myopathy. She writes short stories, prose and poetry on her blog addressing issues in society while attempting to uplift others and to inspire them to never give up. She is a freelance writer for SISTERS Magazine and a member of Muslimah Writers Alliance – MWA.

Blog: http:// www.sadiyyanesar.tumblr.com

Online: https://www.facebook.com/sn.hk.9

Beloved Nabi’ (SAW) I Imagine What It’d Be Like To Look Into Your Eyes

Beloved Nabi’ (SAW),

I imagine that when I’d look into your eyes

It would be like watching the glimmering moonlight under its night skies

Or even a beaming sunrise

That would dry up my cries

And comfort my soul.

There’s so much they’d hold.

Beloved Nabi Poem

They’d hold rays waiting to burst

With joyful laughter for those with thirst.

Enough cannot be told.

They would be like glittering stars

That would shine from afar

Touching those with scars

Igniting them to be bold.

Bold enough to try

To persevere in reaching the skies

When trying to follow the example of your soul

They’d be like those other stars

That received the promise of their eyes meeting yours.

I hope

To reach you like those stars by being bold

And by keeping a strong hold

Onto the love shone through your soul.

But when the nights get cold

With clouds that roll

In the light from your soul

I could then try to navigate this world

By learning from your life

As a help and a guide for me in reaching my goals

So that my eyes could finally get to meet with the eyes of your soul.

Beloved Nabi’ (SAW),

For now I can only imagine

What it’d be like to look into your eyes.

Copyright © 2014, Sa’diyya Nesar, The Muslimah Speaks