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Light up the darkness

From the secret corners of your soul

To the outermost reaches over land and sea

Be luminous

Cover Art, Luminous

Let not the horrors of this world deceive you

Nor the malice perpetrated by others to hinder you from salvation

Be bright



Strong in the face of faithlessness

Patient in the face of adversity

Love is greater than hate, stronger than hate

Darkness is only the absence of light-

I issue these reminders to my soul so that this dunya does not ensnare me within its grasp-

As a supplication for the protection of our children

So that generations to come might be armed with weapons of faithfulness and light

Be luminous, and rise

Light up the darkness with the remembrance of Allah

And shine for the sake of others – not for the glory of oneself

Be the change that you wish to see in this world

As we strive towards the blessings of the hereafter

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Copyright © 2014 by Janette Grant