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New desktop publishing company Aneesa Books.

New desktop publishing company Aneesa Books.

As Salaamu Alaikum! Peace be with you!

Inshaa’Allah (God-willing), Mindworks Publishing will periodically share information and resources about books, writers and writing resources that we think are great – this month we’d like to feature a new desktop publishing house – Aneesa Books.

Elizabeth Lymer, an author, story-teller, nursery rhymes writer, and overall wonderful woman has started a publishing house specializing in children’s coloring, activity and picture books. Although her books will primarily focus on projects for Muslim children, it is her intention to eventually include books for Muslim, Christian and Jewish children to enjoy together.

Her first project will include a fun story around peacefulness, prayer, and perseverance entitled Hector Hectricity and the Missing Socks, and a coloring book, Muslim Times Tables Rhymes for an interactive way to learn math.

If you would like to contribute towards the start-up costs for Aneesa Books, a £5 donation could really help. You can donate via PayPal on the Aneesa Books website and you can also support Aneesa Books by joining the email list.

In addition, Aneesa Books will offer illustration opportunities for children who are aspiring artists! If your child, niece, nephew or grandchild is an aspiring illustrator who needs a ‘break’ and can do one picture book on a voluntary basis, please email your samples and a cover letter to aneesabooks@gmail.com.

Please feel free to share this email! And for more information, please visit and sign up for her mailing list at: