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It was my original intention to write a full review about this book complete with an author interview when I finished reading it but I am so excited about it that I have to share it now! Inshaa’Allah, God-willing, I do still intend to write a review upon completion and I pray that the author will be available for an interview, but this book is simply too good to keep to myself.

QOBookCoverI was captivated from the very first page and inspired by Umm Muhemmed’s command of language and by her ability to draw me into the lives of the characters. A Qur’aanic Odyssey was published by Greenbird Books Publishing (another Islamic book publisher) and follows the lives of two children, Ibrahim and Amna, a brother and sister who are beginning lessons in learning Al Qur’an. Their mother, Khadija, narrates the story and guides the reader through their journey of memorization while introducing the many other colorful characters of the book. So far, I’ve completely fallen in love with the precocious Ibrahim and I cannot wait to read more about his paternal grandmother, Nonna, a retired journalist.

Umm Muhemmed has created a blog for A Qur’aanic Odyssey where among other things you can read chapter excerpts, background information about the story, and receive tips and advice for embarking upon your own Qur’aanic Odyssey. I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to contact me at mindworkspublishing@gmail.com if you’d like to submit your comments for including in the book review, inshaa’Allah.