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Bag-a-Books!#InspireWithBooks! – share the gift of reading with your little ones! As part of our Bag-A-Books promo, get a copy of You Are Beautiful and The Beauty of My Hijab with a book bag tote from Mindworks Publishing!

You Are Beautiful is a new release from author Robyn Abdusamad that addresses the sensitive issue of racial prejudice in an easy way for young children to understand. Designed for ages 9-12, the inspiration for this book stemmed from the injustices perceived by the author in society today, particularly when she worked within the public school system where she observed firsthand the biases demonstrated by children towards one another.

The Beauty Of My Hijab is a picture book that illustrates how concealing, screening and protecting things is imitated in nature and is designed to show that hijab is beautiful. The author draws comparisons displaying the beauty of covering by pointing out how it is the things that are cherished and valued
all around us, especially in nature, that are screened – things like pearls, seedlings and precious gems. Girls get to see how they are valued, cherished, protected and beautiful through the fluid poetic verses and captivating illustrations.

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