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Being Muslim

The Feeling of Breaking down,

Feels too Bad.

Just a Perfect Sajdah,

Lifts us back.

Feeling of a Heavy Heart,

Rots us from inside.

A Perfect Salaah along with Du’aa,

Raises us and makes us Light.

Covering oneself with hijab,

Seems difficult to everyone’s eyes.

But it is completely Right for Allah,

As Allah asked us to do it Right.

We have a Strange but Difficult Fight.

To Fight with Shaitaan, to do The Right.

Have to do all this for The Sake of Allah,

As Allah asked us to do it Right.

No Boundaries for Time.

No Boundaries for Place.

Anytime, Anywhere we can have a Conversation with Allah!

It’s such a Wonderful Way of Living Life;

In a Beautiful Way!

The very book Qur’an,

Teaches us to live.

The book which teaches life,

Stands for us even After Life.

Life is Confusing at Times.

A perfect istikhaarah makes it Clear.

There is so much to Learn.

There is so much to Earn.

From our very own Islam.

Which leads us to The Perfect Path.

The Path leading to Jannah.

The Aim of Life:

To Live a Life –

The Happiest even After Life!

Copyright © 2014, Niha Samiya Naqeeb, The Muslimah Speaks

From the poetry anthology The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit.

Niha Samiya Naqeeb is a college student, an ardent animal lover, and in love with arts and crafts and letting the creative juices flow. She loves exquisite gift-wrapping and is absolutely passionate about jewelry designing! She hopes that her passion for writing and public speaking will grow in Allah’s Way, inshaa’Allah. She, at times, writes for the blog and Facebook page Inspiration Point at: http://www.inspirationpt.blogspot.co.in and https://www.facebook.com/inspirationpointpage

She plans to launch TheNikaahStreet.com and has recently launched The Color Street in partnership with her sister at: https://www.facebook.com/thecolourstreet