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Islam In Women – Part III of The Fog Is Lifting documentary series produced by Bridges Foundation of Cairo premiered today, February 25th in London UK and is now available for viewing in full online. This film explores the secret behind the phenomenon that most converts to Islam are women despite the negative propaganda purporting that Islam oppresses and discriminates against women. The film interviews women converts from different countries, and from various races and ethnic backgrounds. The conversations range from personal perspectives on why we have chosen Islam as our religion to divulging some of the blessings received since converting, and revealing some of the challenges that have been faced since accepting Islam.  In addition, some of the speakers address aspects of the cultural history behind hijab and the gender issues surrounding Islam. A collage of women from various walks of life tell their stories from countries like Belgium, The Netherlands, Greece, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, UK, USA, Egypt and Sweden. (You can read a previous post here)

The Fog is Lifting series of documentaries challenges your knowledge about the Islamic faith and traditions. The series includes: Part I – Islam In Brief, Part II – Jihad On Terrorism, and Part III – Islam In Women. You can view the full length documentaries below at the hyperlinks provided:

Trailer for Islam In Women: