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I Can’t Breathe

Do you see me?

. . . I ask because I’m dying

Can you hear me?

. . .  Right before your eyes

Who am I to you?

. . .  Often times by your hand

What am I to you?

. . . And you don’t appear to care

I am here

Shouting in silence

Bleeding in misery

Picking up the pieces of my broken family

Does my dark skin scare you?

Is my hijab, to you, a threat?

Look – hands up – don’t shoot!

I surrender

I am human too

See my humanity

Hear my humanity

Know me . . .

We were made of these diversities so that we may know one another

Not so that we may despise one another

I can’t breathe

You’re suffocating me

Where is my brother’s keeper? . . . .

Copyright © 2014 by Janette Grant

We live and we learn, forgive but never forget