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Summer Salaah To Allah Outside

In Maghrib Salaah to Allah outside

Purple roses bend in the breeze,

Let’s bow down and speak love from inside,

Feel the cool air and feel eager to please,

Amazed by the colors and merciful ease.

Petunias spread smells at night

In ’Ishaa’ Salaah to Allah outside.

Let’s prostrate, keep hold, ask for what’s right.

In the last dark of night have you wept and cried –

Felt the fragrance of mercy spread sweet and wide?

Let’s stand tall for cleansing outside

With lily leaves and petals wet with morning dew

In Fajr Salaah to Allah outside.

The smell, that smell, makes the world smell new

And slow and cool in wait of worship that’s due.

Red tulips turn to the hot sun.

Some have been taken and died.

Let’s bow down small with love for the One

In Dhuhr and ’Asr to Allah outside,

And stand tall in need of Allah, the Guide.

Let’s open up to Allah and spread Peace,

Kneel down and speak His name side-to-side,

Imagine, pray and hope for Peace that will never cease,

Pray to Allah for all He can provide

In summer salaah to Allah outside.

Copyright © 2014, Elizabeth Lymer, The Muslimah Speaks

From the poetry anthology, The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit. Summer Salah To Allah Outside has been written by Elizabeth Lymer. She mainly writes for children and is also an interactive children’s storyteller.  She has written many religious nursery rhymes that can be read and listened to via her website http://www.elizabethlymer.co.uk and viewed on her YouTube channel. (Please search YouTube for “Elizabeth Lymer.”) Alhamdulillah, Elizabeth has had articles and poetry published by SISTERS Magazine including versions of Summer Salaah To Allah Outside and Muslim Mummy. Her first book is Islamic Nursery Rhymes by Greenbird Publishing. Sister Elizabeth has also recently had a new children’s book published with Mindworks, Religious Rhyme Time. Visit our website for more information.