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When I was initially invited by a mentor and a beloved sister/friend of mine, Aishah Schwartz, to participate in a documentary about Muslim women I was floored. Not only floored, but nervous, anxious, and fearful that I would get stage fright and clam up during the interview. They needed another American, female convert to include and Sister Aishah (I call her Umi because she’s such a loving mama-bear type) had thought of me and passed my information along to the producer.

The day of taping arrived and I was so nervous that I skipped breakfast! My nervousness, however, was completely unwarranted because the camera-man was wonderful and the interview flowed as easily as if I were talking with a close family friend. And now, two years later: dun-da-dun – the premier!

Islam in Women, Part III of the Fog Is Lifting documentary series produced by Bridges Foundation of Cairo, Egypt will be premiering in the UK on February 25, 2015 at the East London Mosque. More than 75% of Western converts to Islam are women and although Islam has been labeled as oppressive by some, educators and trailblazers in the world of filmmaking are carving a path of true representations of Islam by going straight to the mouths of the very women being drawn to this beautiful religion.

The film interviews women converts from different countries, and from various races and ethnic backgrounds. The conversations range from personal perspectives on why we have chosen Islam as our religion to divulging some of the blessings received since converting, and revealing some of the challenges that have been faced since accepting Islam.  In addition, some of the speakers address aspects of the cultural history behind hijab and the gender issues surrounding Islam. A collage of women from various walks of life tell their stories from countries like Belgium, The Netherlands, Greece, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, UK, USA, Egypt and Sweden.

It was an honor and a blessing to have been invited to participate in this meaningful film. I’m incredibly excited to share it with you and please stay tuned for information on how to view the documentary and/or obtain a copy. For now, you can watch the trailer preview here: