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Please Don’t Believe The Hype was written by Donna Frances Stacey and is another compelling poem from those featured in The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit. Donna is proud to follow in her late mother’s footsteps as a writer and enjoys expressing herself, and her Islam, through poetry and prose. A revert to Islam, she feels humbly blessed, honored and infinitely grateful to be part of such a beautiful community and way of life.




Please Don’t Believe The Hype


I’m a kind of anarchist;

don’t believe the hype.

Kick against those that impose,

I must conform to a certain type.


I am anti anti-Christ,

don’t wanna kick against him.

Christ never asked us to abase or misprize us,

to pander to man’s every whim


In a chauvinist den

that would have us submit;

airbrushed, naked; so-called liberated,

and if we kick then it’s OK to hit.


A contemporary rebel with a concrete cause;

reclaiming my dignity, my right to choose.

I’m a kind of anarchist, a hijab-sporting feminist;

eking out facts misconstrued.