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I Search For You is one of the many beautiful poems featured in the poetry anthology, The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit. Hafsah Zamir, part-feminist, part-traditionalist, hopes to publish a poetry collection one day and blogs at http://www.esotericsips.com




I Search For You


I search for you in every face,

A mighty Tower,

Staunch, head held high –

Puissant words

That carry me away

In their flooding humility.


I search for you in every eye,

An evincing window

Clear as Diamond –

And yet a deep, dark ocean

That washes over me,

Warm and salving.


I search for you in every voice,

A deep, resounding power

That fills my heart

With a melodious hum –

A velvet feather that

Dulcetly caresses my

Restless being.


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