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On Saturday May 31st I witnessed what I will remember as my first live encounter with Muslimah poets that left me feeling as if I had just witnessed something historic. Before embracing Islam, I attended my share of musical concerts by some of my favorite artists at the time, and let me tell you, this event left me in same state of longing and jubilation: longing for more and celebrating the variety of voices represented.

The event was entitled the Pen Powered Mic and was hosted by LaYinka Sanni who writes that Pen Powered was created as a platform for Muslim women to sharpen and hone their literary prowess. Mashaa’Allah, let me just say, those sisters were sharp! I so thoroughly enjoyed myself and was so inspired that I had to mark the event with words.

If you’re looking for new reading or if you are not familiar with these sisters already, I’ve included the names of the presenters: 

Na’ima B. Robert

Zahra Abdelrahman


Yusra Badr

Amina Hachemi


Saaleha Idrees Bamjee

Zainab and Olivia

Safia Latif

LaYinka Sanni

Ukhtee Walida

Maryam Sullivan

Aisha Mirza

Hend Hegazi

Muneera Williams

Inshaa’Allah, if you love poetry and are a writer at heart, this post is for you. You can read more about Pen Powered Mic and learn more about the writers at the following link and can follow the blog for updates about the next event, inshaa’Allah. 

Pen Powered Mic: