So insightful and a very necessary reminder.

Faith and Values in the Public Square

By: Janice Tufte

I am a sister of many scarves. I wear a scarf to represent justice, a scarf for education, scarves for respect, reflection and worship. Intentional Interfaith education along with dialogue are the first steps for diverse faith groups “to get together to know one another”. The next step is Action. We have been taught in Islam to speak out against wrongs, to use our hands to stop the wrong if discussion is not an option; the least favored way to bring about change is to do nothing. If we Say Nothing and Do Nothing, how are we then catalysts for creating and nurturing a collaborative positive future for our children? I ask you how are we then stewards of the earth if we are quiet? What scarf is the quiet scarf I ask myself? Are many of us humans veiling ourselves with silence?

In Islam it is…

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